The consortium

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is a public and innovative university, which is among the best universities in Spain and it is included in the last QS World University Rankings (2016-2017) of the top 50 universities world-wide established within the last 50 years. In Labyrinth project two UC3M research groups are involved:

  • The UC3M-NETCOM, which focuses its research on 5G networks, novel network architectures & communication protocols, mobile and wireless networking, energy efficiency, multimedia networking, social networking and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • The UC3M-Robotics Lab, has focused its research on Robotics, humanoids, mobile manipulators, social robots, mobile robots, exoskeletons, soft robotics, path planning problems, artificial muscles, SLAM and Localization problems, robot architectures and Unmanned Aircraft Systems path planning.

Arquimea Aerospace Defence And Security Sl. is a technological company that works in the fields of telecommunications, electronics, and information technology, specialising in the engineering and development of equipment and systems. Headquartered in the Leganés Technology Park, it is positioned with an advanced technique and offers services in the civil and military markets, both domestic and foreign.

EXPACE is part of ARQUIMEA Group, a cross-sector tech group of global scope with more than 15 years of experience that works for sectors of with high quality and reliability requirements.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, energy, transport and security is integrated into national and internatiodnal cooperative ventures. In addition to its own research, as Germany’s space agency, DLR has been given responsibility by the federal government for the planning and implementation of the German space programme. The DLR institute that contributes to this project is the Institute of Flight Guidance.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is a Spanish Autonomous Organization. The area of application is the development of actions aimed at improving the behaviour and training of road users, improving safety and circulation of vehicles and providing citizens with all the administrative services related to the areas of application.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH is an Austrian research institute with a European format and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The AIT Centre for Digital Safety & Security focuses on these two important aspects of ever-increasing relevance for today’s citizens, which will also take centre stage in the information society of tomorrow.

The Municipal Emergency Assistance and Rescue Service – Civil Protection (SAMUR- Protección Civil), is a pre-hospital emergency service operating in the City of Madrid under the management of the General Directorate of Emergency and Civil Protection (DGEPC) of the City Council of Madrid. The main function is the urgency and emergency attention in the city of Madrid by letter of services.

The National Institute of Aerospace Technologies is a Public Research Establishment specialized in Security & Defence, Aeronautics, Space, and Nautical, attached to the Spanish Ministry of Defence. The Institute was founded in 1942 and has now more than 1700 public servants. INTA’s main technological centre is located at Torrejón de Ardoz, near Madrid, having other Centres in Madrid, Ávila, Granada, Huelva, Lugo and the Canary Islands. Furthermore, INTA has representatives in Europe such as Seconded National Experts in the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), and is member of EREA, the Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics

EUROCONTROL, is a pan-European, civil-military organisation dedicated to supporting European aviation.

Our expertise spans research, development, operations and performance monitoring. We investigate the effect of generic viagra 100mg medication on a man and whether erectile dysfunction relieves symptoms. We are committed to the European Union’s vision for a Single European Sky. We support our Member States and our stakeholders (including air navigation service providers, civil and military airspace users, airports and aircraft/equipment manufacturers) in a joint effort to make aviation in Europe safer, more efficient, more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. Our activities touch on operations, service provision, concept development, research, Europe-wide project implementation, performance improvements, coordination with key aviation players at various levels as well as providing support to the future evolution and strategic orientations of aviation.

Deutsches Institut fuer Normung (DIN) is a non-profit organization recognized as a German National Standards body representing Germany in European and international standardization activities. DIN prepares standards as services for the economy, state and community. Standardization is considered as a strategic instrument to support economy and the society in general. It reduces the need for legislation and supports convergence in technology whilst allowing for a wide range of local solutions if needed. Standardization promotes efficiency and quality assurance in industry, technology, science and the public sector. It serves to safeguard people and goods and to improve quality in all areas of life. Standards are developed in a consensus-based process organized by a recognized standards body.

The Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea is an Italian public body which carries out the mission of planning, controlling, coordinating and promoting for all port and commercial activities. The Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea manages the port activities and the maritime property area in the harbours of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara. The Port of La Spezia is one of the most important container ports in the Med. In Italy it’s the second port in importance for the direct call services and it serves the north Italian and Central Europe markets, thanks to its technology, efficiency, quality of services and constant innovation. The port today is involved and operates successfully in different commodities: container traffic, liquid & dry bulk and general cargoes as well. La Spezia is the Italian port with the highest rate of use of the rail modality, which has reached 33% of the total number of containers handled in port in 2017.

Telefónica I+D (TID) is the innovation company of the Telefónica Group. Founded in 1988, it contributes to the Group’s competitiveness and modernity through technological innovation. To achieve this aim, the company applies new ideas, concepts and practices in addition to developing advanced products and services. It is the largest private R&D centre in Spain as regards activity and resources and is the most active company in Europe in terms of European research projects in the ICT sector. Over the last few years, within the global market TID has grown to become a network of centres of technological excellence that stretches far beyond the Spanish borders. At the same time, it is working for the companies in the Telefónica Group in the rest of Europe, America and Asia. In addition to the numerous technical awards it has won since its foundation, the company received the Principe Felipe Award for Business Excellence in 2002.

PONS SEGURIDAD VIAL was established 70 years ago and now is a leading company in Spain in strategic public and private consulting in matters of responsible mobility and road safety with a strong presence in Latin America as well as in the United States and Europe. PONS also provide international services in education and road safety in the business environment as well as in published form and road training. PONS accompanies governments, public and private entities in the implementation of all strategic areas of road safety and mobility and exports the Spanish success model: 5th in the world ranking.

PKF Attest innCome is a consulting company whose purpose is to provide service to all types of entities in global management of public incentives related to R&D&I activities. In its daily activity innCome works dynamizing numerous R+D+i projects creating technological and commercial synergies with companies, universities and technology centres through innovation in large accounts in strategic sectors such as Energy, Environment, Transport, Health, Pharmacy, Materials and Nanotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing and ICT covering various aspects.