PhD Students Webinar 2021

PhD Students Webinar Series

Webinar: “Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport”

Speakers & Talks


Hector Arroyo González, University of the West of Scotland

originally from Spain, studied ICCP (Civil Engineering) before moving to the UK 10 years ago. He worked as a CE in the UK for almost 6 years while becoming interested in AI. He completed an MSc in Data Science which served me as an entry point for this PhD

Presentation: Intelligent RADAR Perception to Improve the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles

Matheus C. Santos, University of Limerick

holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering (2019) and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (2021), both from the Federal University of Sergipe. Currently, Ph.D.’s student of Electrical Engineering at the University of Limerick and a member of the Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems (CRIS).

Presentation: Long-range detection in aerial infrared images for sense-and-avoid systems

Alex Dow, University of the West of Scotland

 is a first year PhD Student at the University of The West of Scotland. They have a BSc in Sound Engineering from Birmingham City University and an MSc in Digital Signal and Image Processing from The University of Sussex. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, 3D Object Detection, UAS Perception and Aerospace.

Presentation:AI Enhanced LiDAR Perception For Autonomous Drone Navigation

Mahammad Irfan, University of Limerick

 is a PhD candidate at Centre for Robotics & Intelligent System (CRIS), University of Limerick, Ireland. Currently, he is working in the RAPID project and involves in the SLAM based Autonomous UAS Navigation & Control. He completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from S’O’A University, India in 2015. He then received a Master of Technology in Electronics Engineering from the I.K Gujral Punjab Technical University, India during 2018. Mahammad worked as a senior research fellow in CSIR Lab India from 2019-2021, where he was associated in the Indo-korea joint network centre on robotics project.

Presentation: Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in GPS denied Environment


Blanca López, University Carlos III

was born in Cuenca, Spain, in 1997. She studied Electronic and Automatic Engineering at the School of Industrial and Aerospace Engineering of Toledo, where she received the B.S. degree in 2019. She is currently collaborating with the University Carlos III (Madrid, Spain) Robotics Lab as a PhD student, where she got the M.S. in Robotics and Automation in 2021. Her lines of research focus on 4D path planning and collision risk management strategies for swarms of vehicles, mainly aimed at multi-UAV systems.

Presentation:  Traffic management and path planning for UAV swarms

Javier Muñoz, University Carlos III

was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1997. He received the B.S. degree in Electronics and Automation Engineering from the School of Engineering and Architecture, Universidad de Zaragoza in 2019. He received the M.S. in Robotics and Automation from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2021. He is collaborating with the UC3M Robotics Lab as a Ph.D. student. His areas of research include path planning, UAVs, grasp planning, and genetic algorithms.

Presentation: Coverage path planning for teams of UAVs

Victor Sanchez-Aguero, University Carlos III

received the MSc degree in Telematics Engineering from UC3M in 2018 and is now a Ph.D. student at IMDEA Networks Institute. He has published different papers in their research field in national and international conferences and journals. He has also participated in international and national research projects, including the H2020 5GRANGE and 5GCity.

Presentation: Multi-interface network framework for UAV management and data communications

Luis F. Gonzalez, University Carlos III

is a Ph. D. candidate in Telematics Engineering at UC3M. He has been involved in the European research projects FISHY, Labyrinth and 5GinFIRE, as well as the national research project 5GCity and TRUE5G. His research interests include Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), 5G networking, and Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), publishing in various international conferences and journals

Presentation: A Comparative Study of Virtual Infrastructure Management Solutions for UAV Networks


Nicolaj Haarhøj, University of Southern Denmark

 is graduated as a robotics engineer from University of Southern Denmark and currently he does a research for the Drones4Safety project as a PhD student. His focus is on sensors and AI for powerline detection onboard a resource constrained platform with the goal of enabling autonomous landing on the right cable.

Presentation: Towards Efficient Power Line Detection for Autonomous Drone Navigation and Overhead Cable Grasping

Liping Shi, Aarhus University

 is a PhD fellow at the Department of Electrical and Computer engineering at Aarhus University. He is currently working on Drones4Saftey project. He graduated from University of Southern Denmark (SDU) on MSc. Mechatronics embedded control system. His research interests lie in the perception,  motion planning, coordination and decision making in autonomous systems on aerial applications.

Presentation: Inspection Path Planning for Aerial Vehicles via Sampling-based Sequential Optimization

Lea Matleković, University of of Southern Denmark

received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and a Master’s in Control Engineering and Robotics from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. She spent the first year of her Masters at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogota, Colombia as an exchange student. During her studies, she was working on projects in the field of robotics, specifically control, motion planning, and autonomous navigation systems.

She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark where her research interests encompass mission planning and path planning for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). She is doing research on autonomous (UAV) infrastructure inspection, e.g. inspection of power lines, bridges, and railways, and developing software for global mission planning. She is also interested in machine learning and computer vision. 

Presentation:Microservices Application for Autonomous UAV Infrastructure Inspection Mission Planning

Frederik Falk Nyboe, University of Southern Denmark

 is employed as a 4+4 PhD student at the University of Southern Denmark, meaning that he writes his Master thesis alongside his PhD studies. He works in onboard, embedded perception and control for multirotor drones for infrastructure inspection and contact tasks.

Presentation: Mechanical Design and Embedded Control for Multirotor Landing on Powerline for Recharging