Final Dissemination Event of Labyrinth & Drone4Safety

On 22 May, the Final Dissemination Event of Labyrinth jointly with Drone4Safety was hosted at EUROCONTROL offices in Brussels. This event serves as a platform for both projects to disseminate their achievements.

The joint event kicked off with a warm welcome session, acknowledging participants for their enthusiastic involvement and fruitful interactions. EUROCONTROL was thanked for hosting the event. In addition, gratitude was expressed to Miguel Martí Vidal, the project officer, and Dirk Schaefer for their insightful introductions. The event garnered significant attention from esteemed stakeholders and speakers from various domains.

Image 1. Photo by Fabio Lovati

Drone4Safety and LABYRINTH are at the forefront of drone technology advancements, with a focus on transport safety. Over the past three years, the projects have developed innovative insights into drones. The event was an opportunity to showcase milestones achieved throughout their project.

Image 2. Photo by Fabio Lovati

The Final Dissemination Event was not only a celebration of the projects’ accomplishments but also an opportunity for stakeholders to gain knowledge and network with experts at local, national, and European levels. The attendees included government officials, EC project officers, security, and safety experts in the transport domain. They also included drone industries, safety managers, researchers, and representatives from other influential H2020 and SESAR projects.

The event program featured presentations from both projects about their respective work and main achievements. This was followed by a showcasing and networking session, where participants interacted with the project partners, asking questions, and exchanging ideas.

If you would like to know more details about the venue, you can find the video of the event: