Panel discussion on UAM in cities at the Amsterdam Drone Week

Labyrinth, together with the European projects Rapid, Airmour, Aurora and FF2020, will host a round table, “Opportunities and challenges of UAM in cities: public acceptance, test cases and governance“, on 21 March 2023 at Amsterdam Drone Week. The aim is to discuss the opportunities and challenges for cities in relation to the possible deployment of UAM in cities.

The discussion brings together participating projects that have experience based on use cases, each with its specific focus. Use cases are important to create future-proof solutions where attention to public acceptance is crucial. When discussing the role of cities, these projects see use cases as a mandatory element to find solutions where society can provide input and demands. What should the role of cities be?


Amsterdam Drone Week

This annual event gathers the global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem to co-create and co-operate to take the necessary steps to advance the sector. It will connect more remote communities with economic opportunities within cities and enhance transport options and services such as inspection, emergency, and security by drones, saving time and investment in infrastructure and people. More info: