Two days of tests in the port of La Spezia to monitor maritime infrastructures for security and safety purposes

On 15 and 16 February, Labyrinth’s tests were carried out in the maritime transport use case. The drone flight tests took off from Molo Garibaldi, flying over the exclusive area above the La Spezia Container Terminal (Molo Fornelli, Molo Garibaldi, Calata Paita).

The Port of La Spezia was identified, among the firsts in Italy, as a pilot site for experimenting, both from a technical and legislative point of view, innovative technologies, such as remotely piloted aircraft, for monitoring safety in port maritime sector with particular reference to port handling, in order to ensure greater safety of workers and operations by avoiding possible interference with the movements themselves.

Some use cases have been defined together with the terminal operator La Spezia Container Terminal:

  • Control of the perimeter of the area under concession to the terminal and of the gate for safety and security reasons
  • Control of storage areas for verifying the correct positioning of containers
  • Control of the areas used for vehicle traffic in order to check the traffic situation and any interference between vehicles and operators

Labyrinth is the first step of scheduled experiments and applications of this type of technology that will allow the Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea to be at the forefront within the panorama of Italian ports, providing studies and applications in further uses extended to the entire port area of La Spezia and also Marina di Carrara.