Join our 2nd PhD Webinar to learn about the latest research in drone technology innovation to ensure transport safety.

On 22 November, nine PhD students from 4 European universities will participate in the webinar “Drone technology innovation to ensure transport safety“, jointly organised by the European projects Drones4Safety, Rapid and Labyrinth.

It is the 2nd webinar of the PhD Webinar Series. The first webinar was celebrated on the last 23rd of November 2021, and it was about Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport.

The virtual session will take place between 9.00 and 11.00 (CET). The PhD students will share with all attendees their knowledge on the latest research in drone technology and its implementations in transport safety management. In addition, the European projects Drone4Safety, Rapid and Labyrinth will present their latest developments.

Check out the webinar agenda to find out about the speakers and the topics. Registration is required to attend the webinar: registration form.

The PhD students come from 4 different European universities, all involved in the three European projects. Drone4Safety will involve 2 PhD students from University of Southern Denmark (SDU) who will talk about “Multi-UAV path planning for continuous linear infrastructure inspection” and “Magnetic energy harvesting for charging drones from overhead power lines”.

Rapid will invite 4 PhD students from University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and University of Limerick to talk about “An MLOPs Approach to Deploy Trustworthy AI for Drone-Drone Detection & Localisation”, “Intelligent Drone Perception using Airborne RADAR”, “Automated High-Resolution Inspection – Workflow for Unknown Structures” and “Automated Landing System for M300 drone to ASV”.

And Labyrinth will involve 3 PhD students fromUniversity of Carlos III (UC3M) to talk about “Performance analysis of path planning and conflict management strategies for multi-UAV systems”, “Path planning network service: design and architecture”, and “Communication infrastructure manager for fully connected RPAS”.