Labyrinth, Rapid and Drones4Safety celebrated the first PhD Students Webinar Series

  • Twelve PhD Students presented their research to the rest of the assistants and received their questions promoting dialogue and the exchange of ideas about innovation in drones

The three european projects, Rapid, Drones4Safety and Labyrinth have celebrated the first webinar of its PhD Webinar Series, titled “Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport”, on the 23th of November.

 During the three hours of the event, the 12 PhD students who presented their research, the 3 representatives of each of the organising projects, as well as the public, shared knowledge about the latest research on drone technology and its implementation in transport management and safety.

Each project had the participation of one representative who introduced the project and four PhD students involved in the project, from different institutions, who presented their respective research on drone technologies.Labyrinth was the organiser of this webinar, with the aim of disseminating advances in drone technology for transport safety and facilitation collaboration between researchers. The organizations involved in the webinar were: University Carlos III, University of the West of Scotland, University of Limerick, University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus University.

Some of the titles that were put in common are: Microservices Application for Autonomous UAV Infrastructure Inspection Mission Planning, Intelligent RADAR Perception to Improve the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles, Traffic management and path planning for UAV swarms, among many others.

The whole session was recorded and uploaded to Labyrinth’s account of Youtube. You can access it through this link.