LABYRINTH at the 11th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens”

On 2 September LABYRINTH will participate in the 11th EASN International Conference, which will take place online from  1 to 3 September 2021.Speakers and participants will discuss about different topics related to innovative technologies in aviation with distinguished personalities of the European Aviation and Space Community, including industry, research and policymaking.

LABYRINTH will be presented during the second journey with its related european projects Drones4Safety, RAPID and 5DAerosafe. These four programs are framed under the topic of innovative applications of drones, and they will be introduced by Dr. Damiano Taurino. 

The sum of their objectives will multiply the impact of drones in citizens lives. Safety will be a guarantee in transport infrastructures and airspaces over the European territory. Each of this four projects feeds back on the progress and knowledge of the others. So their development will go forward better all at once.

Meanwhile LABYRINTH promotes drones civil use in road, airports, seaports, and emergency situations like urban mass-gathering scenarios, Drones4Safety aims to develop a system of autonomous, self-charging, and collaborative drones that can inspect a big portion of transportation infrastructures in a continuous operation.

RAPID is more focused on the inspection and maintenance of bridges and ship hull surveys. This new system will reduce risks in the infrastructures and it will facilitate the control of maritime transport.

To supplement the rest of projects, 5DAerosafe deals with airtransport services. It’s purpose is maintaining security an correct fluency in airport operations and to avoid flights delays and so financial losses.